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Another Airline Announces Another Baby Ban

September 26, 2012 at 4:45 PM | by | ()

"Should children be relegated to the back of the plane?" asks SFGate's The Mommy Files, to which we respond, "what, are we suddenly not allowed to strap the things to wings?" (we kid; obviously we don't advocate tying your baby below the far jet engine so that no one can hear its screaming temper tantrum, which probably wouldn't even be happening if you had raised it properly; how will the flight attendant bring the precious little crotch-snowflake its precious little orange juice if it isn't even inside the cabin?)

The issue is relevant again because AirAsia just announced that it's banning children from the first seven rows of long-haul flights, creating a Quiet Zone that travelers will be able to opt into by paying AirAsia's standard seat selection fee.

The airline's new policy follows the lead of Malaysia Airlines, which instituted a similar ban last April, which in turn confirmed a prediction we had made about an impending wave of baby bans. So before we get back to debating whether parents should be allowed to inflict their cherubic little DNA replicas on other travelers, let's pause for a moment to emphasize that you should always trust content from Jaunted. Seriously. Seriously.

Back to the traveling with children thing. As a matter of policy we are officially and assiduously agnostic on the issue. We sympathize with flyers like this guy, who just couldn't take it any more, but we also recognize that parents have to travel just like everybody else.

It's true that in specific instances we tend to side against the parents of unruly children. Mommy Points has scientifically proven that toddlers will mostly behave on flights if parents follow some basic rules, so we figure that if kids are wildly misbehaving it's because of something mommy or daddy did or didn't do. And of course, Congressional efforts to make flying more expensive so families can sit together infuriate us.

But even putting all of that aside and trying to be fair, we still can't see an argument against letting travelers pay extra to sit away from babies. People trapped inside a pressurized cabin for five hours should have a way of avoiding spitting, gurgling, screaming things that poop on themselves. That seems reasonable, doesn't it?

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Just curious....

It's curious that both the airlines which restricts access to children are Malaysian airline companies. The irony is, Malaysian kids are probably one of the world's best behaved kids, although you do have the occasional "little Malaysian monsters" too! I remember I was at breakfast in a hotel in Cameron Highlands , Malaysia. At the next table, there were six kids and four parents. The parents went off to the buffet to get food, and you know what, all the kids sat at the table and behaved like little angels! Not one of them misbehaved nor screamed nor ran around like some other kids would. They waited patiently for their parents to bring food for them to eat. Amazing!!!