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Let's Hope the 'Side-Slip Seat' is Not the Next Big Thing in Airline Seating

September 25, 2012 at 9:57 AM | by | ()

Once again it’s time to talk about improving the design of airline seating. We’ve seen mezzanine seating, face-to-face options, and of course everyone’s favorite—the saddle seat. The newest kid on the block is some kind of sliding seat, and obviously the designers think that it’s the best thing to happen to airliners since the jet engine. We’re intrigued, but we’re not sure we’re ready to bank our retirement on the idea.

The new design is more about improving the boarding process rather than the seating process. Everyone knows that boarding is often a challenge as passengers push, shove, and generally misbehave all with the goal of stuffing an oversized suitcase into an undersized space. The slider seat would allow the aisle seat to slide over on top of the middle seat, and this would allow a little extra room to jockey for position during the boarding process.

Molon Labe Designs and their Side-Slip Seat would increase the aisle wiggle room up to 43 inches, but unfortunately all that space comes at a premium. The sliding seat would be a lot less padded—if that’s even possible—when compared to a traditional seat. Also, the initial design doesn’t include the ability to recline, but apparently the designers are already working on an improvement in version 2.0. However, if there’s one plus it’s that the middle seat gains a couple inches of seat width, so that’s fun for the person stuck with that seating assignment.

Right now the design team is just busy finishing their prototype, and hope to show it off to both Boeing and Airbus. We’d love a speedier boarding process, but we’re just not sure the sliding seat is the answer.

[Photo: Molon Labe Designs]

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