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So This is Weird: Ryanair Opens a Pop-Up Shop

September 25, 2012 at 3:38 PM | by | ()

For an airline that refuses to engage in social media, low-cost carrier Ryanair sure loves to do everything but. Their latest venture? A pop-up "shop" in the middle of Manchester, UK.

The shop, which sits on Manchester's high street of Piccadilly, invites potential flyers to stop in and attempt to beat Ryanair's ticket prices by searching other airline sites. If they do manage to score a better deal, then Ryanair's shop staff will pay double the difference to the person. Additionally, TravelMole notes that "one customer will win return flights every day, some of which are to destinations you might have heard of."

Still, the international news appeal of this lies in Ryanair's willingness to put actual human representatives back into contact with their travelers, after removing such contact bit-by-bit until flyers had to pay through the nose just to talk to a real person. We wonder how many Mancunians will show up just to have a good yell at an airline that likely screwed them with extra fees in the past.

[Photo: @RouteExchange on Twitter]

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