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It's Game Over for One Guy's Real-Life 'Catch Me If You Can' Adventure

Where: Italy
September 24, 2012 at 9:38 AM | by | ()

You’d think that with heightened security around the globe that it would be somewhat tricky just to stroll aboard an airplane dressed up like a pilot. Well we guess it’s not that challenging to do so, as it looks like someone just got away with an act straight out of Catch Me If You Can.

Over the weekend, a man in a pilot's uniform was arrested while innocently sipping coffee at Italy's Turin Airport. His not-so-innocent previous adventures included riding up front in the cockpit jumpseat of an Air Dolomiti flight, after passing as a legitimate pilot to both security screeners and apparently the cabin crew. Forged identity cards and a snazzy uniform were a couple of his keys to success, but after a run-in with local law enforcement it appears that the party is over.

It sounds like the imposter pilot went by the name of Andrea Sirlo, and he even made a Facebook page which listed his fake job with Lufthansa as well as showed off some of his flight attendant and pilot buddies. Officials were eventually tipped off as someone thought he looked a little too young to be a captain. He's now being charged with attempting to threaten air security and assuming a false identity.

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