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iOS 6 Maps Drools, Google Maps Rules

September 24, 2012 at 12:11 PM | by | ()

Another day, another slew of inaccuracies discovered in iOS 6 Maps. The app, which comes new with the software update on iPads and iPhones but deletes Google Maps, is so crazy bad that it's become the butt of late night comedian monologue jokes, even spawning a particularly hilarious mocking Tumblr.

And it's not just getting driving directions wrong or putting a park where there's actually a parking lot. iOS 6 Maps has managed to make the world appear to be melting in 3D view, reverted some cities to their occupied names from World War II and, well...they're just generally confused about Australia (examples here & here).

Heck, Apple Maps can't even get their own worldwide flagship store to look like it's not in some post-apocalyptic state. Hey, at least North Korea looks awesome!

Still, the crux of all this is that Apple Maps should have claimed they were in Beta (or, really, Alpha) before whole-hog releasing the app and screwing everything up for travelers who relied on Google's Map. On the other hand, Google is now in a prime position to assert their dominance. Slinging a little mud, they've just released an ad to highlight all the ways in which their app does work. Notice the (correct) placement of Cairns? That's a volley right at Apple.


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