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Lion Air Plans Their Own Low-Cost Carrier to Stick It to AirAsia

Where: Malaysia
September 20, 2012 at 11:32 AM | by | ()

Lion Air isn’t exactly a pricey carrier if you’re looking to bop around Asia, but it looks like they might just be getting a little bit cheaper. Clearly they’re sensing a little bit of unwelcome competition from other carriers, so they’re doing what everyone else is doing—they’re starting up their very own low cost carrier.

The plan will be to go up against AirAsia in Malaysia, as Lion Air will look to compete for your hard earned money. The new airline will take to the skies around May of next year, and it’ll be known as Malindo Airways. Obviously they’ll start small, but they’re already looking big with hopes of reaching around 100 planes within a decade or so.

The carrier recently bought—or at least agreed to buy—all kinds of planes from Boeing, so those will likely be the ones doing the flying between all the different destinations. Initially it looks like Malindo Airways will do its thing in spots like Thailand, Japan, Australia, India, and maybe even a little China. Of course there will be connections back to Malaysia and probably Indonesia as well, so they’ve definitely got you covered.

If you’re headed overseas anytime soon this is probably not going to be an option, but if you’re already looking forward to 2013—you might just be hitching a ride aboard a Malindo flight.


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