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Why You May Be Handed a Samsung Galaxy Tablet on a Virgin Australia Flight

Where: Australia
September 20, 2012 at 5:48 PM | by | ()

Passengers flying back and forth on Virgin Australia will now have more options when it comes to a little—or a lot—of in-flight entertainment. The airline has launched a new media system that gives passengers the ability to watch hours of TV and movies, delivered to a Samsung Galaxy tablet via wifi.

We talked about the new technology coming out of Australia's airlines and the battle for the best. First, Qantas' Q-Streaming hit the skies and, now, Virgin has their version that will begin testing next month, with tablets handed out for in-flight use.

When Virgin Australia is happy with the trail period, the streaming entertainment will be available for any passenger that travels with a media device. Basically, have iPad: will watch movies, listen to music or catch up on TV while flying both short and long-haul domestic flights. Don't rush out and get an iPad though, since the system will also work on laptops, iPhones and Android tablets.

Eventually the airline's entire fleet will be set up with this tech to provide all passengers with access. Business Class flyers will naturally enjoy it as a complimentary amenity while Economy availability depends. No sweat—the plans are to have in-flight streaming wifi for everyone shortly after the full launch of this entertainment system.

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