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LOT Gets Psyched Up to Be First Airline in Europe with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Where: Poland
September 19, 2012 at 10:37 AM | by | ()

A LOT Dreamliner on the Boeing factory line

It might be a little early to nominate an airline for a Jaunty award, but we’ve got our eyes on LOT Polish Airlines. Sure they’ve been flying between Poland and the rest of the world for decades, but it seems that they’ve got their eye on the future. This is especially the case when you consider some of the planes that they have on order and where they’re planning to utilize them.

The airline has plenty of those shiny new Boeing 787s on order, and if things remain on schedule—and we’re thinking that they will—the first deliveries should happen this November. That makes LOT the first carrier in Europe with the Dreamliner, and they’re understandably pretty eager to brag about it.

We already knew about some of their initial plans and routes for the new plane, but now they’ve revealed even more details. Warsaw to Chicago (makes total sense) is up first on January 16 of next year, and after that it looks like there will also be a new nonstop route between Warsaw and Toronto on February 1. LOT’s got a lot more planned, as February 3 will bring nonstop flights back and forth between Warsaw and New York-JFK, and finally they’ll be flying all the way over to Beijing beginning March 3.

Flights are already available for your booking pleasure, and there’s plenty of choices from which to choose. LOT is offering up three different classes aboard its new planes, and these include Economy Class and Elite Club—kind of like business class. They’re even installing some Premium Club seating surfaces that are kind of just going to be their version of a premium economy option.

If you’re pretty good at reading Polish you can head right over to their website, as they’ve programmed a pretty snazzy site dedicated to the 787 and their plans for the plane. LOT might not have been on your short list in the past, but we’re thinking it’s going to be now.

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You don't have to know Polish, the site is also in English (http://dreamliner.lot.com). In the top-right corner, there's a map with a choice of EN or PL language.