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Airport Workers Steal 100,000 Very Tiny Bottles of Booze

September 19, 2012 at 1:23 PM | by | ()

We love this story so much. Not just because we love all things alcohol, travel, and alcohol travel. There's definitely that, because we do dearly adore all of those things. But it's also because the investigation which busted the alcohol-theft ring was called "Operation Last Call."

The details, such as they are, involve 18 workers at JFK who managed to steal over 100,000 of those tiny 1- and 2-ounce alcohol-filled bottles distributed on airplanes. As TIME snarked in their writeup, "that's almost 4,000 grownup-sized bottles of booze."

The plot doesn't exactly scream "international jewel thief." After every flight, workers are supposed to take all the unopened bottles and put them in storage. Instead of doing that, 15 workers from LSG Sky Chefs took some of the bottles and put them in their pockets. Then they paid security guards to let them remove the miniatures from the airport.

By the time they got caught the criminals had lifted $750,000 worth of booze. When police busted ringleader Domingo Duran they found 50,000 bottles just in his house. Listen. Crime is bad and yada yada. But you've got to admire anyone who has that kind of dedication to stockpiling alcohol. You can admire them grudgingly, but admire them you must.

Infinitely less admirable, and in other airport crime news, a TSA screener has been jailed for procession of child pornography. Suffice to say that this news won't dampen the rhetoric about "TSA perverts" that you find all over conspiracy theory bulletin boards. Also, eww.

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