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The Flight Crew Halloween Costume That Just Won't Go Away

September 17, 2012 at 7:02 PM | by | ()

Remember Halloween 2010? Boy, do we. You see, that was the year that the Steven Slater-JetBlue incident resulted in "Disgruntled Airline Employee" becoming the new "Postal Worker Gone Postal" hot Halloween costume.

Amusingly, the conviction behind Slater's decision still inspires some to dress up as him, since costume dealers continue to peddle the look. For example, the $39.99 ensemble re-interprets events with a faux pilot uniform (Slater was actually a flight attendant) and two frothy bier mugs (we'd like to see him go down the emergency slide with those).

Here's the full, hilarious description:

Get two beers and jump!

Ever feel blue on a jet or on the job? Take a page out of this funny and ferocious flight attendant's hand book and tell the world how you really feel. Transform into the working class hero with the Disgruntled Airline Employee Costume Kit which includes: A navy blue jacket with gold stripe cuffs and attached wing pin, matching blue pants, dickey and a beer stein bag.

Includes: Jacket, Pants, Dickey, Beer Stein.

Wanna really stick it to the man? Grab an extra stein bag (sold separately), print off your own name tag/airline badge and add your own bandage (not included) for the complete look!

Good luck explaining your costume as a loud party. As if it wasn't difficult enough back in 2010, when it was at least timely.

[Photo: buycostumes.com]

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