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One More Reason to Visit DC's National Zoo: A New Baby Panda!

September 17, 2012 at 2:20 PM | by | ()

BAM! Last night at 10:46pm the National Zoo in Washington, DC welcomed a new baby panda into the world. We noticed that something was amiss outside Jaunted's zoo-adjacent DC headquarters this morning—news vans were gathering to take pictures and video, because Anchorman is far closer to reality than anyone in broadcast journalism wants to admit—and so we investigated.

The result of the investigation was the picture at the top of this post, with the reporters doing interviews with cherubic crotch-dumplings and their mothers, and the news about the baby panda. YouTube video of the birth is embedded below and the relevant Twitter hashtag for updates is #cubwatch. Zoo travel social media completionism, is what that is.

You'll remember the National Zoo from this summer, when we featured it for having baby monkeys and baby otters and baby clouded leopards. We can also personally confirm that as of today the zoo has on exhibit both its baby fishing cats and its slightly older cheetah cubs (they're not quite babies but they're still very small). They all sleep a lot, because they're cats, and so they can. But they're definitely on exhibit.

If you're going to visit you'll also need to check out the zoo's American Trail, which reopened recently after three years of renovations. The Washington Post gallery of the revamped exhibits are here. The zoo runs activities along the trail every few hours, most of which involve feedings and trainings for the seals, sea lions, and otters. In between there are exhibits with wolves and at the end there's an Amazon exhibit with the largest fish you'll see this side of...umm...the Amazon.

[Photo: Omri Ceren / Jaunted]

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