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Book on Our Website or Else, Says Frontier Airlines

September 14, 2012 at 9:52 AM | by | ()

It seems like each and every week things get a little sadder when it comes to Frontier. Sure they still have cute and cuddly animals on the tails of their planes, but the feeling you get after flying with them is getting less warm and less fuzzy. The freshly baked cookies are long gone as an in-flight snack, and now it looks like your frequent flyer miles might also be on the chopping block.

Frontier really wants you to book your flights with them and with their website. Sure youíre welcome to click and compare routes and options elsewhere, but when you bust out the credit card digits you better be on their turf.

Apparently the airline is punishing and penalizing those who use sites like Orbitz or Expedia to do their booking. If you do your purchasing elsewhere you will not get seat assignments until check-in, youíll get half the number of frequent flyer miles, and you might even get stuck with higher fees. Thatís not really too friendly if you ask us, but it definitely might force more potential passengers to head to FlyFrontier.com when booking their flights.

We understand that the airlines make more money off their own website, as they donít have to shell out any additional cash to the booking websites. However, this is kind of a bummer for consumers, and thatís especially the case for those using a website like Travelocity to book a Frontier flight without knowing the ramifications. So just let this serve as a reminder that if youíre flying with Frontieróbring your own cookies and book on their website.

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Not the only airline

At least Frontier still offers the option to purchase a flight on another site. Southwest and Spirit never have.