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Four Zoos for Visiting Baby Leopards This Fall

September 14, 2012 at 3:16 PM | by | ()

Yeah listen. We could pretend that we do these fairly routine zoo travel baby animal posts - lemurs and monkeys and otters oh my! - because you guys are going to visit those locations. But that would be dishonest of us and unworthy of you.

So let's all enter the circle of trust. Behind each of the links in this post are a ton of baby leopards pictures, and at the bottom are a few videos. Happy Friday.

Our beloved San Diego Zoo had a pair of Amur leopard siblings debut along the zoo's Big Cat Trail last winter. Now they're on the verge of growing up. The Amur leopard is quite literally the world's rarest cat species, with under 30 animals in the wild. As the zoo's post points out, ultra-endangered-everyone-knows-about-them pandas have more than 1,500 animals in the wild. So go see the Amur leopards now rather than later, both because they're growing up and for the other really depressing reason. Video below.

The Denver Zoo welcomed its own Amur leopard cub a few months ago. The press release on the cub's birth is here, and he's a little bit cute. We don't know. Maybe more than a little cute. Click through and judge for yourself. If you have trouble making up your mind, there are even more pictures for your evaluation to be found here.

Quickly growing up are the back to back litters of clouded leopard cubs at the Nashville Zoo. We've embedded two videos of the cubs below, because the Nashville Zoo social media folks are apparently over-achievers.

Also the Akron Zoo in Ohio has a pair of snow leopard cubs, if you're inclined to think of those as interesting. Also also there's a video below, again if you're into those sorts of things.

San Diego Zoo Amur leopards:

Nashville Zoo clouded leopards:

Akron Zoo snow leopards:

[Photo: San Diego Zoo]

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