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United Set to Slim Down with Thinner Seats

September 11, 2012 at 10:08 AM | by | ()

It seems like United passengers just can’t catch a break. Quite a bit of time has passed since the wedding day with Continental, and there still seems to be continued reports of delays, drama, and other shenanigans both on the ground and in the sky. Even if everything shakes out and settles down it looks like there’s even more trouble ahead for passengers, and that’s especially going to be the case for their knees.

In order to make some more cash the airline has been chatting with Recaro—they’re good at making seats—about adding some slimmer seating surfaces to their planes. Specifically United is looking to change up the seats on both their Airbus A320s and A319s with a thinner design, as this will allow them to cram another row of seats into their cabins. More seats means more passengers, and of course that means more revenue—so we kind of understand what they’re doing here.

The claim is that these new “slim-line” seats will offer the same level of cushioning and comfort despite their new appearance, or at least that’s the position that United is taking based on the pending change. Legroom won’t be changing and elbow room should also stay the same.

The first planes will head into the hangar for the update later this year, and the first United plane with slim seats should be rolling out at some point in the fourth quarter. In total there will be an extra row within the economy cabin, so that’s like six more passengers to fight back for some space in the overhead bin. Maybe we should just look at it in a positive way, as now there might just be six new friends waiting to meet you on your flight—eh, probably not.

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Dodged a bullet!

Just when I was seriously thinking about switching my Gold status allegiance from US over to UA. What a stupid move to do - their seats are already uncomfortable as it is. Definitely not a move that would be listed in "How to win friends and influence people!"