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Airlines Updating Apps ASAP to Prep for iPhone and iOS Updates

September 11, 2012 at 9:02 AM | by | ()

Tomorrow is a pretty big day for fans of the iPhone, and if the rumors are true it’s the big reveal of the next generation of the mobile device—along with other Apple products as well. Some are preparing by ditching their current generation phones on Craigslist or eBay in order to raise some funds for the latest and greatest in iTechnology, but there are others—like some airlines—burning the midnight oil in preparation for the launch.

Part of tomorrow’s announcement is expected to be the arrival of iOS 6, which is pretty much what makes everything from the iPhone to the iPad tick. One of the new features is going to be something called Passbook, and if all goes according to plan this will be some sort of digital wallet for everything from tickets and coupons to loyalty cards. This also might just include access to airline reservations, ticketing details, and other travel tidbits—and that’s where American Airlines and Delta come in.

Apparently the two airlines—and their IT teams—are hard at work programming and planning so that their customers can truly take advantage of some of Apple’s newest features. Location-based capabilities might just allow your boarding pass to pop up onto your screen as you approach the security line, because your phone will know that you’re scheduled on a flight to Atlanta and that you just happen to have arrived at the airport—pretty slick. Apple even claims that Passbook will let you know that your gate has changed, so that you’re not stuck waiting for your flight in the wrong terminal.

It sounds like Virgin Australia is also planning to release an update to their app soon after this week’s announcement, and it looks like United might also be planning something. Even though they haven’t been as forward with their planning and preparation as some of the other carriers, they have found their way onto some official looking screenshots. The internet will be abuzz with all the latest Apple details tomorrow afternoon, and we’ll be hard at work to fill you in on what it means for your travel habits—so stay tuned.

[Screenshot: Apple via ZDNet]

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