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'Airport Scanner' Should Be the First Game You Download to the iPhone 5

September 13, 2012 at 10:07 AM | by | ()

Sorry to have to say it, but both Words With Friends and Draw Something as so over, in terms of trendy iPhone app games. These days, we're way into a whole other game, one that pits your finger-eye coordination with weapon-spotting skills. It's called Airport Scanner and yes, it is a TSA-themed iPhone game and it is awesome. AND IT'S FREE!

The aim of the game? Well, to do a good job as a TSA agent, really. Here's the official spiel:

PROTECT THE SKIES - JOIN THE TSA Airport Scanner puts you in charge of operating a life like X-RAY scanner working for the TSA. Mark illegal items, expedite flight crew + first class passengers and look out for air marshals all while getting every flight out on time so passengers don’t riot!

Bored at the airport? Watched all the good in-flght movies already? Need something new to play in the restroom? (C'mon, everyone plays iPhone games in the stall). Do us a favor and download Airport Scanner, play a few rounds serving as a TSA inspector, and enjoy all the humor packed into the play. There's even a bonus round where you can dispense justice on passengers found guilty of attempting to pack weapons in their luggage.

As we said, the app is completely free and available right here in the Apple iTunes store.

We've just made it to Level 3, which passes Honolulu and Las Vegas airports to start work at Chicago-O'Hare. The app update even hints that they've just added both Aspen and London airports...ooooh. This basically means that the passengers and luggage fit the stereotype of the city (showgirls at LAS, blues guitars as baggage at ORD).

Now that the iPhone 5 will have a larger screen with better resolution and faster processor, fingers crossed that Airport Scanner upgrades as well.

[Images: screenshots of our own game]

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I'm officially addicted to this game now. Now, I just wait for new airports to come.


I'm officially addicted to this game now. Now, I just wait for new airports to come.

Cool Game

This game is awesome.