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An 'Airline-Inspired' Chair Made for Your Living Room

August 8, 2012 at 7:03 AM | by | ()

An extra $2,000 or so can’t get you your own airplane, but it might just be able to get you your own airplane seat—kind of. We’ve had our eyes on some aviation-inspired seating surfaces in the past, but now we just spotted a brand new option. We’re not totally sold on this one just yet, but if you’re looking to get us something for the holidays we’re certainly not going to turn one down.

The Flight Recliner won’t be heading anywhere at 35,000-feet in the air, but it will be making its way into living rooms and offices across the globe. Designed by Jeffrey Bernett—he designed some seats for Northwest Airlines—the chair is now on sale for a cool $1,759.50 from Design Within Reach.

It’s made in the USA, comes in several colors and fabrics, and features a full recline. For those looking to upgrade to a leather seating surface, just be prepared to pay as much as $2,600. Unfortunately, there's no built in tray table.

To us, this thing doesn’t really look that airline-y, but we guess that it has the design pedigree to back it up. We probably won’t be ordering one anytime soon, but if we did it would certainly be placed as far from the wall as possible—for extra legroom of course!

[Photo: Design Within Reach]

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