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Three World Cities That'll Still Show You Around Their Olympic Parks

August 8, 2012 at 1:35 PM | by | ()

Love ‘em or hate ‘em the Olympics are here to stay—at least for another week or so. Unless you're already in the UK, it's a tad too late to plan a trip to London at this point, and who really wants to wait another couple of years to check out the athletes doing their thing? That’s why we suggest taking in the sights—and remaining sounds—of recent former Olympic cities and their venues:

· Sydney, Australia
In Sydney it’s kind of like the Olympics never left, as there’s always something going on at the city’s Olympic Park. There’s a chance to try your skills at archery, practice your BMX skills, and even check out the cauldron—it’s been lit to celebrate the games in London. As a bonus, you can even make your way over to the AMP Services building in Circular Quay to check out an exhibition showing off past Olympic torches.

· Athens, Greece
There’s been reports lately that the stadiums, buildings, and arenas haven’t fared that well since 2004, but there’s still plenty to check out if you’re in search of the Olympic spirit over in Athens. The city’s Olympic Stadium—now known as Spiros Louis Stadium—is open to tour groups and the public, so you can finally get that snapshot you’ve been dreaming about for the last eight years. Parts of the aquatic center are even somewhat open to the public for those looking to participate in a little bit of synchronized swimming.

· Beijing, China
The summer games that took place in Beijing will be remembered for a long time to come, so our guess is that the Olympic venues will continue to be tourist hotspots. No formal tour or admission necessary if you’re looking to check out the exterior of National Stadium—AKA the Bird's Nest. It’s easily accessed by subway, and its location near the Water Cube will give you the Olympic warm and fuzzies. For those that just need to go inside and check things out, it’s going to be around another $8 to take a peek.

We'll see how the venues in London are transformed over the next years and decades, but for now it looks like the Olympic Park might just remain open to the public following the games.

[Photo: IvanWalsh.com and OzMark17]

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