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US Airways' Newest Idea: A Coach Seat with Business Class Eats

August 6, 2012 at 10:03 AM | by | ()

We’ve stuck our nose into the aisle many times, for just a sneak peak (and sniff) of what was being served up in the premium cabins. The only way to indulge on these up-in-the-air delicacies was to score a seat in the business class or first class cabins, but that could no longer be the case thanks to US Airways.

As they look for another way to grab some extra cash from the flying public, US Airways is now offering premium meals to its non-premium flyers. On international flights, economy class passengers can now order up a fancy meal option for roughly $20.

We doubt it’s going to come with the proper table linens and silverware, but it might just be worth it if the bag of peanuts or chips just won’t cut it during a long haul flight.

Thankfully complimentary meals on international flights in the back of the plane aren’t going away, but US Airways just wants to provide something a little more substantial—and tasty—for those willing to pay for it. These "DineFresh" options will need to be ordered at least 24 hours in advance, so it's not a last-minute selection as the beverage cart rolls down the aisle.

Sample options include a vegetarian meal with portobello mushroom tortellini in sun-dried tomato pesto, caprese salad, and turtle cheesecake. There’s also another with citrus-marinated chicken skewers and orzo with mango chutney, classic shrimp cocktail and creme brulee cheesecake.

On paper each sounds pretty tasty—even though they’re both chilled—but we’re really interested in checking out the execution before handing over our credit card digits. We guess it’s nice to at least have the option, but we’ll still probably take our chances with the freebie food.

Just remember not to give US Airways all the credit on this; ANA have been this since 2010, and KLM since last year, and that's just off the top of our heads.

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Another great initiative! I think ANA stopped their pre order meals a while ago, hard to find out info. Westjet just started something similar, though not as premium as the US Airways option. Estonian air just launched one a few weeks back too! Expect more in the coming months I think... Cheers nice post!

No way it's Business Class Meals.

US Airways need to flight other Airlines business class , specially European and Asian, to figure out what are the business class meal and wine. These meals don't even come near Air France economy meals.

ANA Business Class Meal Service is much better

The comparison with ANA is an insult to ANA Business Class meal service. On ANA, every course of the Business Class meal is an art and finest attention, not a Big Lunch Box. http://www.ana.co.jp/wws/japan/e/asw_common/inflight/guide/c/meal/

it's no comparison

Dang, I don't think the author was comparing it. Was just making a statement in relation to the fact that ANA also has pre order meals. Hats off to US Airways for coming up with this idea though. First US based airline to offer it internationally!