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Southwest's Big Bonanza Sale Turns Facebook Fare Fail

August 6, 2012 at 9:36 AM | by | ()

Last week—August 3 to be specific—Southwest Airlines held a flash sale only advertised within their Facebook page. To celebrate reaching three million Facebook fans, those fans could book for up to 50% off certain flights on certain dates in September, October, and November. Depending on when you booked and where you wanted to go, there were some decent deals, and even a transcontinental flight could be had for well under $200.

Unfortunately things didn’t go as smoothly as they thought, and there was a little bit of a snafu. Thankfully tickets are still to be honored and all the deals and discounts stand, but billing issues linger into this week. Some customers were double billed or more, and those paying with their debit cards might even have been hit with overdraft fees—yuck.

Over the weekend Southwest Airlines chimed in on their Facebook page, and they’re trying their best to fix all the problems. They report that they “have all hands on deck” and are actively trying to fix all the billing shenanigans. They’re even willing to fix your bank account if you were stuck with the aforementioned overdraft charges. Once things settle down and get straightened out, you need to fax documentation to them at (877) 506-0154, and they promise that they'll take care of the rest.

We’re glad to hear that Southwest is now on top of things and working to rectify the glitch. Reports tricking in across the internet reveal that some passengers had more than $5000 in duplicate bookings, as they were incorrectly stuck with more than 20 tickets. For now all we can recommend is to take it easy, as Southwest fixes the problem. Hopefully the cheap flights will make up for the pain in the neck process.

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