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Lufthansa Workers Went on Strike Today, Probably Because of Something You Did

August 31, 2012 at 2:23 PM | by | ()

Lufthansa has enough money to bail out subsidiaries, design multimedia enhanced iPad apps, and pay for planking-centric travel advertising. What they don't have money to do is pay their cabin crews what their cabin crews want to be paid. And thus we come to the part of our story where 26,000 travelers got stranded across Europe today.

Lufthansa crews, having warned the airline that they were going to go on strike, staged an eight-hour walkout at Frankfurt this morning. More than 220 FRA flights were canceled, including those servicing some U.S. cities, Tel Aviv, and India. Frankfurt being Europe's third busiest airport, the delays and cancellations quickly rippled across the continent. At one point the airport closed off incoming flights from other European airports because it simply ran out of open space.

Flight attendants are back at work now but "the fear is that this conflict goes on indefinitely because the negotiation positions seem very far apart." Union officials expressed themselves "delighted with how it went" and declared that they're ready to strike again with only 6 hours warning.

The 6 hour warning thing is important. When the airline strike was announced the union made it very clear that they were keeping the time and place of the disruption a secret. Part of their explanation involved how secrecy makes it harder for Lufthansa to prepare replacement crews. The other part is that surprises are fun. Yay surprises!

As we have an upcoming Lufthansa flight through Frankfurt, we'd just like to take this opportunity to note that we are filled with hate right now. So much hate are we filled with right now. Have a good weekend everyone.

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