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The River, The River, The River's on Fire Down in Brisbane

August 30, 2012 at 1:28 PM | by | ()

When a city is situated on a body of water, be it an ocean, lake or river, we can appreciate when it uses said body of water to form the city's identity. Take for instance, Brisbane. Brisbane River in this, Australia's third largest city, winds through the CBD and has become as much part of the city as the people that call it home. So why not set it on fire in a festival called Riverfire?

Although Brisbane has a sordid past with the river from various catastrophic floods through its history, the river is not actually set a-light. Part of a larger festival (aptly name Brisbane Festival), Riverfire celebrates the Brisbane River itself and acts as a grand finale for various celebrations throughout the city. The giant firework show that uses bridges, buildings and barges as its stage make for an awe-inspiring experience.

Part of the festival also includes turning "Brissy" into a City of Lights with a spectacular laser and light show using the skyline as a canvas. This is a nightly performance, again using some water and light to catch 'ooohs and ahhs' from riverbank vantage points.

And for all those #avgeeks out there, the fun is not limited to when the sun sets. The Australian Defence Force puts on an air show featuring military aircraft buzzing spectators, flying in formation and various other dips and dives. It's loud, we're talking really loud, but such a sight to see —and frankly kinda worth a little ear ringing.

The celebrations are on schedule from September 8 to the 29th.

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