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United's Business Class Food Upgrade Hits the Spot, Has Cinnamon Rolls

August 3, 2012 at 11:23 AM | by | ()

Recently, we told you about our experience aboard a long, long flight on United in business class from the US to Australia. While we might give the actual service a mediocre score, we mentioned that recent upgraded food options have hit the mark for an American carrier.

Our flight details consisted of two different city pairs and each meal content and presentation was quite notable. We had a flight from San Francisco to Sydney and our return was to Los Angeles. The upgraded Business Class menu offers five courses featuring a starter, salad, four options for main courses, a cheese and fruit plate, and an ice cream sundae.

San Francisco to Sydney would take the prize as our favorite of the services. We started with a shrimp cocktail and a sizable salad with fresh veggies and buffalo mozzarella, plus and a side of garlic bread. We did question the offering of garlic bread at the beginning of a 14-hour flight, but enjoyed it anyway; no one's going to have the best breath at the end regardless. From Sydney to LAX, we enjoyed a smoked salmon starter and a salad of fresh crisp peas and corn.

For a main on the SFO to SYD leg, we opted for the spice-rubbed breast of chicken with mustard barbecue sauce, which unexpectedly, blew us away. The flavor was something we would crave and seek out on land. To LA, we chose the filet mignon with caramelized pearl onions.

Before the good night's sleep, we chose the cheese plate and ice cream sundae with chocolate sauce. The cheese plate was more substantial coming from San Francisco than from Sydney, but we found no major problems with either. We did wake up on the way to LA, and we were immediately offered a lamb and root vegetable meat pie for a snack—a nice Aussie touch.

The best part of each flight was the delicious port wine night cap: Noval Graham Ruby Port. On our way to LA, business class ran out of their port and the flight attendants "imported" a bottle of the first class port. This delicious Graham's 20-year warranted a second glass.

Each hot breakfast meal was pretty standard with scrambled eggs and some sort of sausage. The nice touch of passionfruit yogurt coming from Australia was appreciated. The addition of warm cinnamon rolls from San Francisco were delicious and liked by the entire cabin, as they disappeared very quickly.

Overall, we couldn't really fault anything about the menus that United have upgraded for premium cabins. The meal choices are certainly on par with other international carriers known for good in-flight meals. Now if we could only replicate the mustard barbeque sauce at home...

[Photos: Rayme Gorniak/Jaunted]

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