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What TWA's Royal Ambassador Flyers Were Eating Onboard in 1981

August 3, 2012 at 6:10 PM | by | ()

Staying true to our promise to open a vintage TWA Royal Ambassador-class menu, we finish this Friday with a cocktail and a toast to the days when ordering red meat onboard was accompanied by the question, "how would you prefer it cooked?"

You've already seen the cocktail list onboard this 1981 flight in Business Class, but here we present it in totality:

Above: "Coffee Flavors of the World" may seem ambitious, but then you turn the page and...

Above: What would you order? Perhaps the Cheateaubriand, or save food for the other side of the Atlantic and go with the Crepe Monte Cristo upon awakening? Regardless, TWA's Roquefort Cheese Bread is a must.

Above: One of everything, please. We're especially entertained by the regular beverage selection and its inclusion of Sugar In The Raw (we didn't know the brand was that old!).

[Scans: Jaunted]

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I am loving the inclusion of Sanka. I am also loving the dating of the appetizer and salad. It is so late 70s and early 80s! I chuckle at the 'Aristocrat of Roasts.' And yes, that's what I will order. With a TAB of course. ;)