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Gogo In-Flight WiFi is Ready to Invade Canadian Airspace

Where: Canada
August 29, 2012 at 8:44 AM | by | ()

From maple leaves and Mounties to all those Tim Hortons with free WiFi—it’s clear that Canada pretty much has it all. However, it’s going to get a little bit better in the next year or so, as Gogo is set to invade Canadian airspace with their high-speed, high-altitude internet access.

Just the other day Industry Canada issued Gogo the needed license for the country’s air-to-ground radio frequency spectrum, which will allow Gogo to provide their in-flight magic to plenty of passengers traveling the friendly skies to, through, and above Canada.

What’s really slick is that the new Canadian network will do its thing on the same frequency as what’s utilized down in the lower 48, so that means seamless service when you’re crossing the border high in the sky. Gogo is pretty darn excited about this latest development, and they’re lining up the bulldozers, cranes, and construction crews to start cell site construction later this year.

If all goes according to plan and schedule the new network should be good to go beginning towards the end of 2013.

Initially the new network will start doing its thing on Canadian routes already served by existing American and Canadian carriers—like Delta’s flights between the two countries. After that, we guess that sky’s the limit.

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