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Have Paws, Will Travel: JetBlue Debuts $299 'All Your Pet Can Jet' Pass

August 30, 2012 at 10:02 AM | by | ()

Just one day after JetBlue's announcement that there's essentially be no All-You-Can-Jet pass this year in favor of their new, business traveler-oriented GoPacks, we're thrilled to say that actually, yes, there will be an All-You-Can-Jet alternative after all. The only issue? You'll figure it out after reading the name of the pass: All-Your-Pet-Can-Jet.

Here's what's up. For $299, you may bring one pet with you (respecting JetBlue's carry-on size and weight regulations for pets) on any of your JetBlue flights between the dates of September 7-December 31, with no holiday black-out dates. This means that Fido or Mr. Meowski can travel along with you on vacation and home for the holidays and just for fun without having to pay the $100 pet fee for each individual flight.

You've only got until September 5 to buy the pass, which you can do so directly on ShopBlue.com. There are restrictions of course, such as the fact that passes may sell out before September 5, and routes to Saint Lucia, Barbados and Jamaica don't count. Read all the fine print right here before clicking "purchase" and make sure your fluffy friends has his/her veterinary paperwork in order.

Keep in mind that the $299 price of the All-Your-Pet-Can-Jet Pass doesn't get you your flights as well. You've still got to buy your seat and call up JetBlue to arrange to bring your AYPCJ buddy onboard as well. To make it a deal, you'll have to fly more than three one-ways with poochie before the end of the year. We only wish we'd known about it a month ago, when we tried JetBlue's excellent pet travel program with our own newly adopted kitten.

Ah well. Have paws, will travel. At least JetBlue is resurrecting the AYCJ concept in some form, even if it only benefits those of the four-legged variety.

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