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In-Flight Meals Return to Comfort Food Classics, Even on Cathay Pacific

Where: Hong Kong
August 28, 2012 at 10:31 AM | by | ()

Just when we thought American Airlines' onboard comfort food was really hitting the spot, another airline antes up. Cathay Pacific has taken that idea to the next level by introducing Signature Chinese Dishes to their in-flight menu. Best part of the announcement is that every passenger will get the opportunity to sample the new dishes.

From August to October, Cathay will be refreshing the dishes on-board long-haul routes from the front of the plane all the way to last row. The new menus will feature Hong Kong specialties and traditional tastes while adding a level of service for premium cabins. Each dish is designed to capture local cuisine in cooking style, ingredients, taste and appearance.

For the next few months, business class passengers will have the option of slow cooked pork with preserved Hakka mustard greens, wok-fried chicken with black bean or Hong Kong-style curry prawns. The new dishes will be paired with a traditional rice bowl served in a freshly designed tableware.

Meal options in economy are still the normal beef, pork or fish option, but with a lot more flair. Refreshed dishes include braised fish with ginger, spring onion and mushrooms, braised beef in chu hou sauce on a bed of rice or braised minced pork with eggplant in a mild chili sauce with rice.

After October, the menus will be expanded to offer more traditional Chinese and Hong-Kong fare. The new dining options will be first introduced on long-haul flights and then gradually phased into the shorter regional flights in November.

[Photo: Cathay Pacific]

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