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The WiFi at Chicago's Airports Still Isn't Free, But It's Getting Cheaper

August 27, 2012 at 9:26 AM | by | ()

Ugh—we love us some free airport WiFi, but unfortunately there’s still plenty of places where we’re asked for our credit card digits in exchange for some access. One of these locations is Chicago, as the airports of the Windy City, both O'Hare and Midway, aren’t yet down with the complimentary WiFi scene. Thankfully things are getting a little bit better—at least for a bit—but it’s still not going to be free of charge.

Google is coming to the rescue, throwing down some cash—probably in exchange for some advertising—to bring cheaper WiFi access to data hungry travelers and passengers. The price is being cut in half for a 24-hour period, with the rates dropping from around $6.95 to just $3.48. The discount will be available to users after watching a 30-second commercial, so just be prepared for a little distraction before getting down to business.

Even though Google is throwing some cash behind the deal, it’s Boingo who pulls down the internet from the skies at ORD and MDW airports. The new option runs through October 15, but after that things remain up in the air.

However, it sounds like airport officials have been doing their best to work out a deal with Boingo to finally bring free WiFi to one and all. We’ll keep you posted, but if all goes well it could be a very happy holiday season—they’re shooting to get it done this November.

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