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Gorgeous Time-Lapse Video Finally Explains Los Angeles' Allure

August 27, 2012 at 3:33 PM | by | ()

Los Angeles is the third coolest city in the United States but also the single most stressful. Maybe because of all that stress it ranks fourth among American cities as the overall best place to live, despite how the top six areas in the United States where people "value sex most"—literally #1, #2, all the way down to #6—are in and around Los Angeles.

What this teaches us is that lists are stupid. Even when they're not just made up (which is almost always) they tell you little to nothing about how people live and travel. Except lists about the best zoos for looking at baby monkeys, which often end up including the Los Angeles Zoo. Those explain a great deal. Because baby monkeys.

More to the point, feast your eyes on this gorgeous time lapse video of the sun setting over the City of Angeles by Colin Rich (site / Facebook / Flickr / Vimeo). Titled "Nightfall" and running a bit over 3 minutes, it was published just a few weeks ago and has been flirting with going viral. Some background on how the project came together is here.

The music is by M83 and the voiceover is in French. We're not sure what French has to do with a city founded in the eighteenth century by Spain, controlled until the mid-nineteenth century by Mexico, and incorporated into America shortly thereafter. But the song works, and lyrics for the curious can be found here. Also, look how shiney!

NightFall from Colin Rich on Vimeo.

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