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Total Flights Cancelled by Hurricane Isaac (So Far): 742

August 27, 2012 at 11:01 AM | by | ()

"What's going with Hurricane Isaac?" It's a question we've heard all weekend and, now with the meat of the week ahead, one that won't die until the winds do.

According to The Weather Channel's nice little map above, it's the Gulf Coast that's now in the crosshairs, the Keys having been spared everything but a good storming. And though Isaac has only begun to make the coast sweat, the airlines have been in go-mode since the middle of last week.

Heck, Southwest instagrammed a shot of their emergency satellite phones, all packed up and ready to ship out to airport crew on Friday. Meanwhile, they and AirTran were loading up the schedule with extra flights from Florida ahead of the storm.

Naturally airlines also offered free flight changes for travelers heading into the storm; American Airlines specifically requested flyers with tickets to Fort Lauderdale, Miami and West Palm Beach to move their plans for free.

Finally, the count for flights cancelled over the weekend? The AP says 742, 589 of which came from cancellations at Miami and Fort Lauderdale airports alone. Even cruisers were effected, with the closure of the Port of Miami forcing megaships to stay out at sea for a day or two longer than the original cruise itinerary. Oh well—it's not like they could have flown home anyway.

Next airports to possibly have cancellations: New Orleans (MSY), Panama City (ECP) and Tampa (TPA).

As Isaac's winds move up into the south, it'll be interesting to see how much complaining of turbulence travelers do on Twitter this week!

[Photo: Weather Channel]

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