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Lufthansa: The Official Airline of Planking?

August 24, 2012 at 9:59 AM | by | ()

In one week it'll already be the three-month anniversary of the first scheduled flight of the first Boeing 747-8i. The plane, Lufthansa's newest baby, is important for more than just this, however; she also debuted the airline's refreshed Business Class cabin complete with lie-flat seats.

If you want to see tons of photos and details on the seats, you check out our definitive guide to them, but if you just want to watch a fun little video that shows a handsome man reclining...well, Lufthansa is happy to oblige with their just-debuted commercial:

Do you see what we see? Planking! Sure, they're months and months behind the trend but, now that we think about it, we suppose that lie-flat seats can be considered a form of planking in the air.

[Video: Lufthansa]

Archived Comments:

New C debuted on A330

The first flight of the new business class was on a New A330 from MUC to IAD, a few days before the 748 flew.