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New Seats and New Interiors Bring the New Plane Smell Back to Japan Airlines

Where: Japan
August 21, 2012 at 8:37 AM | by | ()

Over in the hangars at Japan Airlines there may just be a little airplane jealousy, especially as some of the carrier’s older planes check out the new looks of those Boeing 787s. In order to ensure they're still on big happy family, it sounds like JAL is sending some of their older planes in for a little bit of a refurb and refresh.

New seats are coming to their entire fleet of Boeing 777-300ERs, as the airline hopes to keep things cutting edge and comfortable across all different cabins of service. They’re planning to reveal a few more details next month, as well as some of the dining delicacies that you’ll be able to enjoy from the comfort of your seat.

They’re not just stopping there either, as Boeing 767-300ERs get some love as well. Japan Airlines will make sure that business class aboard these planes is fully equipped with lie-flat seats and a focus on relaxation. For those that who can’t get to sleep—no problem—as they’ll also be bumping up the size of the in-flight entertainment screens to like 23-inches.

Economy isn't completely left out, though this revamp is all about the passengers shelling out the big bucks. In coach there will be two or three more inches of pitch available thanks to a slimmer seat design, and just shy of an inch will be added to the width of the seats.

Some of the new seats will probably debut on flights between Tokyo-Narita and London-Heathrow as soon as January of 2013, and after that the upgrades will start popping up on other routes like over to New York-JFK. Obviously we’d still prefer to hop aboard one of their new 787s, but with all the improvements we can’t really complain too much.

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