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An Unscheduled Stop Forces Air France Passengers to Chip In for Fuel

August 20, 2012 at 8:19 AM | by | ()

Except for a baggage fee or the occasional in-flight snack craving itís usually fine to leave your wallet in your pocket when boarding your flight. However, this wasnít the case for some passengers aboard a recent Air France flight due to a little bit of an unscheduled layover.

The flight was originally set to do its thing between Paris and Beirut, but there was some stuff going down on the ground near the airport in Lebanon. Turning around wasnít really an option as the plane was running low on fuel, so the pilot decided to make an emergency landing at the airport in Damascus, Syria.

Now we probably donít need to tell you that thereís been a little bit of unrestóto say the leastótaking place in Syria, so this probably wasnít the typical stopover to fill up on gas.

Once in the ground there was a little bit of an issue with Air Franceís credit card, so the carrier wasnít just able to swipe some plastic in exchange for a fill up. That meant passengers were on the hook for footing the bill, so the crew headed about the cabin to take up a little bit of a cash collection in exchange for the jet fuel. Thankfully the fuel bill was finally figured out and agreed upon, so the passengers didnít have to fork over any cash after all.

Things on the ground went as well as they could given the situation, and the plane took off and headed over to Cyprus to spend the night. Passengers eventually made it over to Beirut the following day after earning quite a frequent flyer story. Letís just hope that Air France offers up a bit of a credit or something similar for the inconvenience, as we think the passengers deserve it after such an ordeal.

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