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And Now, Either the Greatest or Worst TSA Music Video Ever

August 20, 2012 at 2:04 PM | by | ()

The last time we posted a TSA YouTube song it was from this guy, who was in the middle of singing one song every day on the Internet. While the lyrics were mostly accurate as far as they went—"if I refuse them groping me then they’ll treat me like a detainee"—it was not exactly an extravaganza of high production values and brilliant songcraft.

By way of contrast let us introduce you to the band Without a Face (Site / YouTube / Facebook / Twitter / MySpace / Bandcamp / Soundcloud). After successfully hitting their goal in a Kickstarter campaign they filmed and released a video for the "The TSA Song."

A week after it was posted on YouTube, it crossed 40,000 views (and continues to climb).

Rarely have we seen TSA haters, or anyone, really willing to commit to the joke the way these guys are willing to commit to the joke. The backup dancers are magic, of course, but it's the pedobear cameo that sells it. FYI, if depictions of furries dressed in sheep costumes getting mock assaulted are inappropriate at your place of employment, then you should probably consider this video NSFW. The lyrics definitely are, in any case.

[Photo: Without A Face / Facebook]

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