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What You Need to Know to Catch the November 14 Total Solar Eclipse

Where: Australia
August 16, 2012 at 4:38 PM | by | ()

Your attention please as you've got just under three months to plan where you'll be to enjoy the next total solar eclipse. This warning comes so early because it may just require some serious long-haul travel, considering that the best viewing area will be Down Under.

Now keep in mind that this sort of total solar eclipse visible from a city won't happen again until spring of 2016, and then you'll have to be in Indonesia. So here's the details you'll need to get going on trip planning:

The date: November 14 in Australia (November 13 if we're talking GMT time)

The approximate time: The eclipse will begin around 19:45 GMT (05:45 in Cairns), reaching its peak around 20:39 GMT (06:45 in Cairns). Yes, it's early but imagine a dark dawn—cool!

Type of eclipse: Total solar eclipse. There will be two full minutes of darkness at the apex of the eclipse when the moon is nice and centered between the Earth and the Sun. All in all, the event should last about two hours including partial eclipse time.

The best places for viewing it: Cairns, Australia will be the hotspot for scoping out the total solar eclipse. If you're cool with a partial eclipse, then you can also hang out in Darwin or anywhere in Queensland, but it won't be nearly as major.

**Info source: NASA

[Photo: jefflippold/Flickr]

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