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Even Singapore's Famous Merlion Statue Goes on Vacation

Where: Singapore
August 16, 2012 at 12:54 PM | by | ()

The Merlion. It's arguably the most iconic bit of Singapore, a statue that practically protects the city from the famed Marina Bay. Tourists flock to see the Singaporean symbol and, of course, get their photos in front of it while it continually spouts water into the bay.

Standing on the banks of the marina and in the shadow of the skyscrapers, the Merlion marks where the city began. Its mythical animal figure—a head of a lion and body of fish—hearkens back to when the metropolis was a mere fishing village called Singapura, meaning "lion city" in Sanskrit.

In all there are 5 such statues around the city, but the original is large and in charge, located in Merlion Park just in front of the historic Fullerton Hotel.

On a recent trip to the "Lion City," we headed down to the park to be in the middle of the tourist pack for a few photos. Once there, our hopes were dashed; we were faced with a sign informing visitors that the Merlion is on holiday.

This year is the 40th birthday of the statue and it has decided to go on a well deserved trip to get all spruced up for a big anniversary bash.

Now now—the actual statue is still standing but is just not operational while crews work on a light restoration. September is the month, so if you're planning to head over to Singapore sooner, you have been warned.

[Photos: Rayme Gorniak/Jaunted]

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