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Anybody Want to Buy a Long Island Airport? Bueller?

August 14, 2012 at 9:05 AM | by | ()

While it's true that traveling around the world is keeping us pretty content for now, at some point we may want to settle down and stay grounded. That’s why we’d probably look into buying an airport, and there just happens to be a pretty decent one up for sale.

You and your friends won’t need the Hampton Jitney as proud new owners of the airport over on Montauk out on Long Island. The airport features a 3,200-feet runway, so you probably won’t be able to land your Boeing Business Jet here. It’s also got a hangar and a small office, and it can all be yours for just $18 million. Now consider that it'll be worth nearly every cent once you the private planes start pouring in during the summer season.

The only bummer is that the airport looks to be propeller power only—no jets are allowed—damn neighbors probably complained about them being too noisy. FAA approval is also required before the sale can be finalized, so you’ll also probably need to be pretty good at filling out plenty of government paperwork. Maybe once you take ownership you can even add a Starbucks or, more appropriate for the demographic, a Vino Volo.

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