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Lack of First Class Pajamas Leads to Qantas Flight Delay

August 13, 2012 at 7:58 AM | by | ()

As you already know, international first class—especially on foreign carriers—is usually pretty swanky as your flight is filled with fine wines, wonderful meals, and often a lie-flat bed. In order to fully enjoy your in-flight slumber there’s often special first class pajamas, but when those comfy clothes aren’t in your size that’s when the problems begin.

That’s exactly what the problem was for a pair of passengers on a recent Qantas flight between Los Angeles and Melbourne. There were no pajamas in their preferred size, so the pair did the only reasonable thing—delayed the flight in some sort of pajama protest.

The cabin crew offered up business class jammies, but unfortunately that wasn’t sufficient. Without XL pajamas—the size in question—the First Class flyers were offloaded as they decided they'd rather spend the evening in Los Angeles than PJ-less on a plane. Thankfully the flight's captain was quick to report the reason for the delay and the rest of the passengers onboard all cracked up laughing.

[Photo: Richard Moross]

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