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An Extreme Frequent Flyer Reviews ANA's Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Where: Japan
August 14, 2012 at 11:09 AM | by | ()

A 767 wing on the return trip

Note: This story is a review of a trip including several segments, one of which was on a 787. Max also flew on a 767 and included this wingtip photo with the gallery as a whole trip. This was not made clear when first published, but explains the 767 image above.

International DJ, frequent flyer extraordinaire and Jaunted contributor Max Graham just flew from Tokyo to Hong Kong and it happened to be on one of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliners. Here, he drops his thoughts on the ANA flight:

Pre-flight, in the lounge:

It began in Canada, flying up over the country and down into Tokyo onboard an Air Canada 777. Thanks to my Star Alliance status, I headed straight for the ANA lounge at Narita, which is not huge but just lovely with very pleasant local staff. Technically my first stop, in preparation for boarding the 787, was the lounge shower. Thankfully these are as nice as many showers in boutique hotels, complete with the awesome Japanese heated toilet contraption thatís a must for any ďlost in translationĒ traveler.

Other awesome bits that put me in an great mood was the six noodle bowl options, free wifi and a nice cold Sapporo after the shower. Sadly the lounge's Sake Bar was closed (I was there in the morning), but it seemed quite well set up, again feeling like a bar within a cool boutique hotel.

Onto the 787!

What a lovely plane from the outside and inside. In flight, it is ever so slightly quieter but, to me, otherwise much like any brand new Boeing. It's mostly the ANA details that make the difference. Again, staff were incredible in both pleasantness and efficiency. A detail i loved was, while serving the meal, an FA came down the aisle with a plastic laminated English/Japanese picture/text description of meal choices, thus making the decision far more informed than ďchicken or pasta." Very smart.

As for the IFE (in-flight entertainment), it did not disappoint for a new aircraft. The personal seatback screen was very responsive, the system was stocked with a rich selection of entertainment and even seat-to-seat messaging and email (coming soon apparently). Thereís connectors for your iPod so you may stream your own content to the seatback screen, even though Iíve never taken them up on this nor have I seen anyone else do it. And of course, duty-free in-flight shopping can't be forgotten; passengers can even order ties right from the screen.

Pro tip: Don't miss the channel with the live exterior view camera. It faces down, in case the window isnít enough to stare out of.

Commenting on the comfort, I found that the seat was decent for economy and did that slide-forward thing instead of tilt-back. This I far prefer as itís less intrusive into the space of the person behind you. The seats also had the best adjustable head winglet thingies Iíve ever used and I easily caught some Zzs sitting straight up.

Overall, I was left with the impression that ANA is a wonderful airline and I'm happy they're part of my Star Alliance trips through Asia. Canít wait to fly them (and the 787) again; next time I'll spring for Business or First for sure.

Photos: Max Graham]

Archived Comments:


Nice report, but there is one thing that does not add up. The picture of the airplane wing shows a winglet, a common feature on Boeing planes. The 787's. however, do not have this feature (As can be seen from the 787 picture on the duty free card).


Just noticed you can't really tell if there's a winglet or not from the duty free card. Regardless, 787's do not have winglets.

This aircraft doesn't have a winglet

If you google JA627A, you'll find several photos of this aircraft, and in some it doesn't have winglets and in some it does.

Cf. http://cdn.feeyo.com/pic/20120727/201207270857462467.jpg

According to wikipedia, the short range 787-3 does have winglets, but the other versions do not:

Why there are photos of this plane with and without is a mystery I'm sure someone can explain.

Terrible reporting, where's the editor?

It's clear from the tail number shown clearly on the wing that the flight said "extreme frequent flier" took was on a B767, not a B787. see FlghtAware: http://flightaware.com/live/flight/JA627A

Not a 787

As far as JA627A goes, it is a 767. http://www.planespotters.net/Production_List/Boeing/767/40898,JA627A-All-Nippon-Airways.php Pictures with and without winglets suggest that the winglets were added later. Regardless, the picture does not show a 787. ANA does not operate 787-3s, only 787-8s with 787-9s on order


See note added at beginning of story to indicate that Max flew a roundtrip, one way including a 767 and one way on a 787. I apologize for not making this clearer previously, but it explains the 767 winglet image.


Thanks, chinger.

picture comment

if everyone took the time look at the bottom of the picture there is a comment that says it's a 767 from one of his previous flights.


That wasn't there originally