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What TWA's Royal Ambassador Flyers Were Drinking Onboard in 1981

August 1, 2012 at 6:24 PM | by | ()

For quite a while here on Jaunted, we held a monthly tradition of featuring an in-flight cocktail served up onboard an airline's flights. Sadly we had to put it on hiatus as we simply ran out of cocktails; blame the airlines cutting back on meal services.

Today we turn to a recent find to show how it once was, when airlines (an American airline, even) offered more than a Bloody Mary or Jack and Coke. We turn to TWA in 1981.

This menu, Royal Ambassador class international, very likely was loaded onto the plane at their JFK hub—Terminal 5—saw its way over the Atlantic and back, and ended up amongst someone's memories of a European trip. We picked it up at an antique shop in Chicago.

For even further fun facts, we refer to TWAflightattendants.com. TWA was the first airline to have:

• Brewed hot coffee in-flight
• Complimentary cigarettes and Chiclets© gum
• Hot meals in flight (1936)
• Fully appointed galleys with ovens & coffee makers (1944)

More on this menu later this week...stay tuned!

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