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President Herbert Hoover Honeymooned on a Cruise

July 9, 2012 at 10:25 AM | by | ()

The Hoover wedding

The month of June may be over, but the slew of summer weddings is far from following. While tuxedo rental places charge peak prices and caterers artfully fold cloth napkins, we're wondering where all these newlyweds are heading on their honeymoons. Odds are that tropical islands are at the top of the list, but what about places like Ohio or Georgia?

These were the hotspots for Presidential honeymoons, according to an exhaustive list by The Awl that names the known honeymoon destinations of all 44 US presidents and their wives.

It's absolutely worth a full look, but here's our favorite:

Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover: A cruise to China, where Herbert would begin work as a mining consultant to Emperor Guangxu. Both Herbert and Lou spoke fluent Mandarin

A cruise! Why, that's still a popular honeymoon option, even if it was more of a commute to work for the Hoovers.

Curious where the British royals honeymooned? We've got a list of our own for that.

[Photo: Kleinfeld blog]

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