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Aeroflot Joins in the Special Olympic Plane Fun, But for the Wrong Olympics

July 31, 2012 at 10:30 AM | by | ()

Last week, we showed you the unique paint jobs some airlines have slapped on their planes, specifically for these Summer 2012 Olympics. Well, that's not all of 'em as Russian airline Aeroflot has decided to get into the spirit too; they're just two years early.

You may know that the 2014 Winter Olympics will be centered in the Russian town of Sochi, so it makes sense for the airline to repaint some planes to gain some excitement for the Games while the spirit is high.

The Airbus A320 features the logo for the Sochi games as well as the three mascots, smiling to welcome passengers.

The Russian flag-carrier is naturally the official airline of the Russian Olympic team, having brought national athletes to games as far back as Sydney in 2000. The airline also has exclusive rights to spreading the word of the Olympics around their country.

While we are all about special liveries, we think that Aeroflot may have jumped the shark on this one. Like it couldn't wait 2 more weeks until the Summer games have come to a conclusion?

[Photo: Aeroflot / Instagram ]

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