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Canada is Now a Little Bit Nicer to Their Airplane Passengers

Where: Canada
July 3, 2012 at 8:59 AM | by | ()

Itís now the law up in Canada to be really nice to your passengers if youíre running an airline.

The Canadian Transportation Agency has ordered some of the countryís biggest carriers to increase compensation for passengers who suffer from screwed up travel plans. That means airlines like WestJet and Air Canada need to raise the amount of money offered up to passengers with delayed or canceled flights. Itís the same thing for those who are forced into a later flight by getting bumped from their original itinerary.

Apparently there really weren't any official rules regarding airline compensation in Canada, as it was all up to the airlines when it came to shelling out additional cash in the event of unforeseen travel calamities. Now the rules clearly state the airlines must provide passengers with a refund or offer up a later flight. Passengers now have the ability to request the next flight on another airline, but weíre not sure how well thatíll work in practiceóat least from our experience in the United States.

No one really wants to deal with travel interruptions, but if thereís one thing to secretly hope for itís overbooking. In this situation youíll score a free trip home and a full refund of your ticket. Of course youíll have to gamble with the travel gods, but that kind of compensation doesnít sound too bad for just taking a later flight. Long story short—Canadaís friendly skies are now just a little bit friendlier.

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