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All Kinds of News out of the Red Roo, Qantas

Where: Australia
July 27, 2012 at 10:52 AM | by | ()

The past few weeks, the folks at Qantas have been pumping out news story after news story. It's hard to keep up with it all, so we will try to fit it all in here. The Australian airline has improved service on some aircraft, released an entirely new commercial and have been trying to make some more friends in the region to expand their network.

Firstly, lets talk tech. After running a new in-flight entertainment trial on select Boeing 767 service, the Red Roo has decided to launch it across all flights served by the aircraft. In addition to iPads for everyone on the plane, each tablet is fitted to wirelessly stream, via Q-Streaming, 200 hours of movies and TV shows for added enjoyment. The first of the aircraft will be flying come October. Best of all? It's free for everyone!

Next we move on to a little marketing. The airline's tag-line is The Spirit of Australia, but after a complete marketing overhaul, that has also changed. To, The Spirt of Australians. Huge difference, we know. But it actually makes sense with a motto of You're the reason we fly. With a push to get passengers faces on a few planes, in the online marketing and in the newest commercial, the campaign includes the faces of Australia.

Let's talk new commercial. We told you about the iconic advertisement the Flying Kangaroo used to promote their brand. Well, they went and switched it. The new ad features a birds-eye view of various Australian terrain set to beautiful orchestral music written by Australia's very own Daniel Johns, lead singer of the band Silverchair.

We have to mention the amount of uproar this is causing down under. The previous song, "I Still Call Australia Home," is so important to Aussies that some say it should be the national anthem. Qantas has not gotten rid of the song all together; it will be used for special events. Sounds like it has a special place in their hearts too.

Finally, only yesterday, Qantas began talks with a new potential partner, Emirates. The two airlines have confirmed they are discussing a possible partnership between networks. The details are still very hush-hush, but Qantas would like to create an additional hub to get their passengers to Europe and beyond. As more information comes through, we will happily report back.
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