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Rapid Transit Finally Goes All the Way to MIA

July 23, 2012 at 9:12 AM | by | ()

If youíve ever flown into Miami you probably noticed that thereís kind of a lack of decent public transportation to and from the cityís core. Sure thereís those Deco Bikes, but thatís probably not a realistic optionónot to mention theyíre not even offered at the airport. There are some bus possibilities, but letís be honest, thatís kind of lacking when compared to other cities around the country and the world.

However, itís all about to change as of next week, because on July 28 a new public transportation link is finally arriving at the airport. The construction cones and jersey barriers are coming down, because Orange Line Metrorail service to the Miami International Airport Metrorail Station is almost complete. Basically this means that passengers can now be whisked right into downtown Miami without the need for rental cars, shuttle busses, or taxis. Best of all, it should only take you 15 to 20 minutes, and itís only $2 per person per way. Thatís definitely a deal when compared to other cities.

Schedules and frequency depend on the time of the day, but a quick glance at the timetable makes us think that things run at least like four times per hour. Free transfers between the Orange and Green Lines on the Metroline are available for those looking to head north instead of south, but just be sure that you remain within the Metrorail paid area.

To celebrate all the public transportation fun thereís even a grand opening party being thrown by Miami-Dade Transit along with the Miami Downtown Development Authority and the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau. Between 1pm and 4pm on July 28 there will be free food, souvenir photos, and live music at the Stephen P. Clark Government Center Plaza Station in downtown Miami. We just wonder if we can swap out our photo for a freebie pass to and from the airport.

[Photo: Bob B. Brown]

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