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Five Airlines Flying Special-Edition Olympic Airplanes

July 23, 2012 at 12:00 PM | by | ()

This week marks the moment most of us have been waiting for after the city announcement came in 2005. This Friday, London will be on center stage as it hosts the Opening Ceremonies for the 2012 Summer Olympics. Thousands of athletes from nations all over the world have already been converging on the British city, clogging up the airports with their gear bags.

It very common for the Olympics host country to give their national flag carrying airline a new paint job advertising the world's largest sporting event. We have already talked about what British Airways have done to some of their metal, but it is worth another mention, as well as a highlight of what other airlines are getting in on the Olympic spirit.

· British Airways have 2 different liveries. Nine planes are painted to look like a gold dove with feathers a beak and the stylized Union Jack on the tail, all in gold. It's pretty awesome. The other one is not too awesome, but still features the Olympic theme. 'Firefly' carried the torch with the London 2012 logo emblazoned on the nose, fading off into the middle of the fuselage. With the gold theme, it seems like the UK team are quite hoping to win big this year.

BA also released a toy model of the Concorde with a London 2012 logo and pink and green paint job. Unfortunately, no athlete or anyone else will ever fly this. It is a just a toy of our dreams. (sigh!)

· Qantas will also be taking Aussie Olympic hopefuls to London in a newly painted 747. The Red Roo has tweaked their logo just enough to make it sporty, giving the kangaroo on the tail a pair of boxing gloves. The cartoon boxing kangaroo also pops up a bit closer to the nose of the plane with a cheeky grin. While this doesn't encompass all sports, it is surely a creative way to get in the Olympic spirit. Go here to have a peak.

· JAL are also getting into the spirit of the Games. The Japanese airline will feature famous Japanese athletes on the sides of the their plane with the giant words "Ganbare! Nippon!" If your Japanese isn't that good, it means 'Go for it, Japan!." See an image of the plane below.

· ANA wont sit back and let JAL have all the fun. They will also apply Japanese athlete photos with a message on the sides of their Olympic 767. Their message is a little longer and translates to "messages of cheer to the Japanese Olympic athletes, London 2012 Olympics." That's a mouthful in any language.

· South African Airways will be flying their Olympic team to London in a plane designed by a child contest winner. Featuring the colors from the nation's flag, the livery will depict men and women playing sports across the Airbus A340. Here's a photo.

With all the effort gone into making sure the athletes arrive in style, here's hoping for some major celebrations on the ride home.

JAL's Olympic plane

[Photo: G. Lee/British Airways and ykanazawa1999]

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