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JetBlue Mosaic: The Newest Elite Frequent Flyer Level to Drool Over

July 23, 2012 at 11:07 AM | by | ()

Very clever, JetBlue graphic designers--putting "friends" and "benefits" next to each other. Teehee.

Today we mark a new milestone in the tempestuous timeline of airline loyalty history as JetBlue announces an elite tier to their TrueBlue program: Mosaic.

JetBlue employees should be practicing their kowtowing now as JetBlue Mosaic officially kicks off this fall, rewarding the airline's most frequent flyers with six advantages above and beyond the regular-level TrueBlue, plus likely a shiny new card. But first, you've got to hit Mosaic. Let's break it down:

Becoming JetBlue Mosaic:
· In one year, you've got to fly 30 segments and earn 12,000 points, or just earn 15,000 flight points total. Of course there will be a neat bar graph trackers of your progress when you log into your TrueBlue account. That's one roundtrip flight per month, plus three months with a second roundtrip, if you want to spread 'em out.
· Enrollment will happens automatically when you reach that level, similar to how Star Alliance carriers just send you a new card that represents your level-up when it happens.
· Though you'll be able to use your miles to upgrade to JetBlue's Even More Space seats on flights, TrueBlue members who earn Mosaic status in 2012 will be gifted six free Even More Space seat upgrades.

Benefits to being JetBlue Mosaic:
· Bragging rights.
· Complimentary access to the Even More Speed expedited security line where available, plus ability to bring through those traveling in your party.
· Ability to use TrueBlue miles to upgrade to an Even More Space seat
· Early boarding (and first go at the overheard bins)
· Free first and second checked bags. Already JetBlue allows everyone to have a free first bag, but Mosaic gets the $40 second bag fee waived.
· A dedicated customer service phone line ("Don't you know who I am? I'm a JetBlue Mosaic, damnit!")
· Bonus points! Earn 3 points per dollar spent on JetBlue flights. That goes up to 9 points per dollar if you're booking on JetBlue.com and not tying up that dedicated phone line.

Now, we fly JetBlue A LOT. Like, a lot a lot. You kinda can't help it if your home airport is New York-JFK and you're low fare-minded looking at prime routes. However, we don't fly JetBlue often enough in one year to reach Mosaic because we still enjoy maintaining status on other airlines.

Though we won't be at the front of the expedited security line, we can imagine some types of travelers who will have their Mosaic cards out and ready: domestic business travelers forced to fly only economy if they want to be reimbursed; those with several residences but not at private jet level (JetBlue has some awesome connections to second-and-third-home destinations); bands and other performers who actually get to fly to gigs; and flyers who have to fly to nearby big cities but hate regional jets (JetBlue has no regional jets, so even that tiny JFK-Burlington flight will be on a nice-sized plane).

Expect more updates as JetBlue gets Mosaic off and flying, so stay tuned. In the meantime, more info over on Jetblue's official Mosaic site.

[Image: JetBlue]

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