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True Story: We Got a Blackberry Peach Pie Past the TSA

July 20, 2012 at 9:26 AM | by | ()

What you see above is a Blackberry Peach Pie in a bag. It is not a weapon. It is not a dangerous material. It is neither liquid nor gel. IT IS A YUMMY NUMMY SCRUMDIDDLYUMPTIOUS PIE.

Luckily we know what it is, because the Transportation Safety Administration sure is confused. After forking our way through a piece of Grand Traverse Pie Company's ABC (apple-blueberry-cherry) pie way too quickly this last weekend, we caved and bought an entire "Tall ship" (blackberry-peach) pie with the noble intentions of flying it back to share with family.

The Delta agents checking us into our flight from PLN to DTW gently ribbed us about our carryon, but were sure TSA would let it through. In it went into the security buckets, with our Keds and laptop, successfully passing through the X-ray machine. Then maybe it made the TSA agents hungry, because they discussed (in front of us) whether or not it was allowed.

A headshake "no" dropped our heart into our stomach. We politely countered that the TSA had written about this online, saying pies were allowed. The TSA agents relented and made it seem as though we were a special case. They would not be having our blackberry peach for lunch that day, no siree bob.

Alas we're not the only ones! Another frequent traveler just confessed to us that she also fell for Michigan pie this month and attempted to sneak it on a flight:

I had the cherry crumb pie, but a small one. TSA tried to give me the business, saying it was a liquid, but I said "COME ON, It's FOOD." so they let me go.

Back in 2008, the TSA's blog cleared up the "can you carry on a pie" question, saying: "Just send it through the X-ray and you’ll be one step closer to enjoying your delicious pie. We do suggest you take it as a carryon so it doesn’t get squashed in your checked luggage." And now here is the official note on the official TSA page stating that pies are A-OK.

So we knew that, but the actual TSA agents didn't, despite the fact that they likely see a whole lot of pies coming through PLN (what with cherry pies being the name of the game in upper Michigan).

Lesson learned: save that TSA page to your phone just in case and don't be mean about it when the legality of your pie carry-on comes into question. And don't be greedy—one pie may slide, but trying to take enough for a baccanal may raise eyebrows too high.

Disclosure: We were in Michigan as a guest of Pure Michigan, but all photo and opinions (and pie purchases) are completely our own. [Photos: Cynthia Drescher/Jaunted]

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