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Foreign Grocery Friday: the Apéricubes of France

Where: France
July 20, 2012 at 12:43 PM | by | ()

When you think France, you think cheese. Delicious, delicious cheese. So do we, and whenever we hit France we always find amazing stuff even in the supermarket. (And in the local village's summer market too, but that's for next week...)

We love us some creamy Saint-Félicien, piquant Morbier, stinky Époisses, crumbly bouchons of chèvre... but there are some things you just remember from a childhood trip to France and go OMG WANT -- and for us, those are Apéricubes.

Think of them as tiny foil-wrapped half-inch cubes of flavored Laughing Cow cheese, since that's what they are. La Vache Qui Rit makes Apéricubes, and they come in all kinds of interesting flavors from tomato, blue cheese and ham to grilled chicken, pizza, Emmenthal au gratin, olive tapenade and basil. (Not gonna lie, the pizza flavor is the best, hands down.)

Hilariously enough, they're not just kids' food in France, although if you spent time here as a child or were lucky enough to go on a French exchange program, you probably remember them from picnics or train travel -- or sneaking some from a bowl while the grownups drank their pre-dinner apéritifs.

And then asking about the trivia questions inside. Mom, what's a gignol?

The French people we're staying with are totally appalled that we love them so much, with much Gallic gesticulating and mockery and faux complaints about this rubbish being in the fridge.

(We'll take this chance to say that there're also a half-dozen fabulous local and regional artisanal unpasteurised cheeses in the fridge.)

[Photos: John Walton for Jaunted]

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