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Watch a Boeing 747-8 Wing Flex on Takeoff in This Awesome Video

Where: 1 Saarinen Circle [map], Sterling, VA, United States, 20166
July 19, 2012 at 10:58 AM | by | ()

You know we love a window seat and the awesome views it offers. But one of the best parts? Watching the super-flexible new wing of the Boeing 747-8 raise up on takeoff.

With a seat in Business Class on the lower level, right in front of the wing, we set our camera to HD video mode, propped it up against the new larger windows and enjoyed the view.

And on this, our recent Lufthansa flight from Washington-Dulles to Frankfurt, a technical delay meant that we got to take off in a beautiful sunset.

Apart from the amazing flexible wing, our favourite thing is that you can hear the people sitting six feet behind us, who are having a normal conversation. The 747-8 is super quiet.

We've left the full eight minutes of video in there because the sunset is so pretty, but the real avgeeky action comes at the beginning. So put your earphones in, fullscreen the video, and make sure you're in HD.

[Video: John Walton]

Disclosure: John Walton flew Lufthansa as the guest of the airline, but our call on what's seriously cool is, as ever, our own.

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